Stannah stairlift 420 troubleshooting tips

This blog helps identify Stannah 420 fault codes, advising on fixes to common issues.

It is unlikely that you will ever experience a problem with your stairlift. If you do, please use this checklist. If it doesn’t help you solve the problem, contact your local Stannah service branch to assist further.

Simply click the description that most accurately reflects the issue with your Stannah 420 stairlift:

The stairlift will not move

Firstly determine if the power light is on or off, then:

If the power light is off

  • Check the master power switch is set to on.
  • The master power switch is on the rear of the chair and should normally be left on.


If the power light is on

  • Check the chair is swivelled back to its travelling position. 
  • Check there is no obstruction to the safety edges, if there is remove the obstruction.
  • Check the hinged rail is fully lowered (if installed).

The stairlift is beeping

Typically, if your Stannah 420 stairlift batteries are not charging properly you will hear your stairlift beep. To resolve:

  • Check the wall switch is set to the on position
  • Check to see if there is a power cut in your home
  • If you have a hinged rail fitted, press and hold the ‘up’ arrow on the remote calling control to make sure the hinged rail is fully raised.

If you cannot correct the fault, you can switch off the beeper by turning the master power switch to the off position. Then, please call your local Stannah service branch.

The remote calling control isn’t working

If your remote calling controls stop working then check the batteries first. With average use, you can expect the batteries to last for about a year. 

It’s easy to check how much power is left in the battery at any time. Simply press down on one of the arrow buttons. The light around the buttons will tell you how much power is left in the battery. You will notice that the lights are on constantly when the battery is low and no light shows if the batteries have no power. 

Refer to the manual to find out how to change the battery. 

low battery


The swivel seat does not work

In the event that the automatic swivel seat stops working, please call your local Stannah service branch. You can get further help for your 420 Stannah stairlift in your user manual.

None of the above? Or still unable to fix the problem?

If the above hasn't helped then you can refer to your specific user manual for more information. For ease, all our Stannah user manuals can be found here.

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Of course, if you need our help we're here for you. Your local Stannah Service branch offers stairlift repairs and maintenance services to help keep your stairlift running smoothly, if the above hasn't helped or you have any other concerns simply get in touch with us.

With nearly 50,000 installations across the UK and over 92,000 units in our service portfolio, we offer a wide range of lift solutions and services to move people and goods. Take a look at our product range or simply get in touch.

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