Dealing with Stannah 600 fault codes

A properly installed and maintained stairlift shouldn’t encounter any problems, but if you have one of the Stannah stairlift 600 fault codes we’ve some simple checks you can do to help get your stairlift back in working order.

If your stairlift keeps stopping, is beeping, the battery isn’t charging, or the remote isn’t working, try not to panic. It’s a good idea, if possible to have someone around to help with the problem solving - and only ever troubleshoot if you are comfortable in doing so. 

All 600 models display Stannah stairlift fault codes to help you identify and, in most cases, resolve common problems without the need to call out an engineer. 

These error codes are located on the display panel on the side of your stairlift. 

Simply click the description below that most accurately reflects the issue with your Stannah 260 stairlift:

Stannah 600 fault code 1 - Charging/battery fault

If the wall switch is off

  • If the wall switch is off, then turn the wall switch on. 
  • Ensure the master power switch is on.
  • Both switches should be left on to ensure the batteries charge correctly.

If the wall switch is on  

  • Check if there has been a power cut.
  • If there's no power cut and the switch is on, then it could be a possible battery charging fault. 
  • For further assistance, contact your local branch.

Hopefully, this resolves the issue, but you can refer to your user manual for more specific guidance. 

Stannah 600 fault code 2 - No fault found, normal operation mode

If your stairlift is not working please contact your local branch

Stannah 600 fault code 3 - Obstruction detected around footrest/carriage

The safety edges on your stairlift are there to stop the stairlift if they come into contact with any obstacle. There are some simple checks to resolve this issue:

  • First, check if there is something obstructing the footrest or carriage? 
  • If yes, then, with the stairlift still on and you seated on it, try to move it in the opposite direction you were originally travelling.
  • This should now allow you to remove the obstruction.
  • Once removed, you can then continue to go up and down the stairs.

Do try to keep the stairlift path clear.  Most stairlifts are fitted with safety devices that stop the machine should it encounter an obstruction. However, small items can get stuck, so always attempt to keep track free from clutter or debris.

Stannah 600 fault code 4 - Power key is not in correctly or on/off switch is in the 'off' position

The power key enables you to use the stairlift. The key must be inserted and turned to the on position before the stairlift will work. Depending on your chair the keyhole is located in a different position - you can refer to your user manual for more specific guidance.  

First check:

  • Is the power key inserted into the keyhole correctly and fully pushed in?
  • With the key inserted ensure the on/off switch is switched to the ‘on’ position.
  • The light on the switch will come on. 

Stannah 600 fault code 5 - Seat sensor is not detecting you or downside arm is not lowered

This stairlift error is around the arms and seat not fully lowering. Please refer to your stairlift user manual for instructions on how to unfold your chair.  

Check your stairlift seat and arms are fully lowered and try to use the stairlift again. 

If this doesn't resolve the issue please contact your local branch

Stannah 600 fault code 6 - Immobiliser seatbelt is not on correctly (optional)

If you have an immobiliser seatbelt, your stairlift will not start until you have put your seatbelt on, firstly check:

  • Do you have an immobiliser seatbelt fitted? 
  • If yes, are you wearing your seatbelt and is it clicked fully into place?  

This should resolve the issue.

Stannah 600 fault code 7 - Seat is not in its travelling position

There are swivel levers on the stairlift to help you safely get on or off the stairlift at the top of the stairs, please check you have swivelled your stairlift seat fully back to its travelling position. 

You can refer to your stairlift user manual for instructions on how to swivel your stairlift model’s seat. 

Stannah 600 fault code 9 or F - Service Engineer required

If your chair displays a Stannah stairlift 600 fault code 9 or F then contact your local service branch.

Still unable to fix the problem?

If the above hasn't helped then you can refer to your specific user manual for more information. For ease, all our Stannah user manuals can be found here.

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If you still can’t resolve the problem, there’s no need to worry - we’re always ready to help. Your local Stannah Service branch offers stairlift repairs and maintenance services to help keep your stairlift running smoothly, if the above hasn't helped or you have any other concerns please contact your service branch, who will assist further and, if necessary, arrange for an engineer to visit. 

With nearly 50,000 installations across the UK and over 92,000 units in our service portfolio, we offer a wide range of lift solutions and services to move people and goods. Take a look at our product range or simply get in touch.

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