My Stannah stairlift keeps beeping

Asking why a stairlift is beeping is a question we’re often asked. When you hear a Stannah stairlift beeping while not in use it’s trying to tell you that it's off charge.

Before calling your local Stannah service branch it’s a good idea to perform the following three checks.

1.  Check the wall switch is set to the on position

The master power switch is on the back of the base of the chair (420 & 600 models) or front of the chair (260 models) and should normally be left on.

2.  Check to see if there is a power supply cut in your home

Try turning a light on. Is the light illuminated? If not it could be a wider power cut that is making the chairlift beeping noise.

3.  Ensure the stairlift is parked correctly at the very top or bottom of the stairs

Sometimes the stairlift isn’t quite fully locked in position. Make sure the stairlift is no longer in a travelling position.


Stairlift_beeping_FEATUREDADDITIONAL NOTE: For those with a hinged rail

If you have a hinged rail and leave the stairlift at the bottom of the stairs it will start to beep. This is to warn you that the stairlift may cause an obstruction and that it is not on charge.

Press and hold the ‘up’ arrow on the remote control to make sure the hinged rail is fully raised (as shown in the image on the left).

If you need further instructions you can refer to your specific user manual for more information. For ease, all our Stannah user manuals can be found here.


Still unable to fix the problem?

Then here’s what you need to do. If you have checked the three things above and your stairlift continues to beep, you can switch off the stairlift (and the noise) by turning the master power switch to the off position. As soon as you do so please contact your local Stannah service branch. 

Hopefully, your stairlift is now back up and running. Of course, if you need our help we're here for you. Your local Stannah Service branch offers stairlift repairs and maintenance services to help keep your stairlift running smoothly, if the above hasn't helped or you have any other concerns simply get in touch with us.


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