COVID-19: 3 Tips on Lift Use Whilst Social Distancing

Passenger and platform lifts are enclosed spaces where people mingle. They are also an essential mode of transport for people who struggle climbing stairs, especially in critical settings like hospitals. We've put together some useful tips for lift use whilst social distancing.

Passenger and goods lifts are often the most efficient way for the people and goods in these buildings to get where they need to be. By following the tips below, anyone using a lift during the COVID-19 pandemic can do their bit to stay safer.


1. For all lift types, avoid direct contact with landing and lift car buttons

To avoid the spread of microbes from landing and lift push buttons, it's best not to touch with your bare fingers; instead, use the end of a pen or pencil, a gloved finger, or something else. If you need to use your bare hands, remember to wash them as soon as possible or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser.


2. For passenger-carrying lifts, practice social distancing and use a face mask 

If you cannot maintain a two-metre distance with other people in the lift, then be patient and wait for the next one, or consider taking the stairs instead if you can. Ideally, it’s best to travel in the lift /elevator cabin on your own or only a few other people (as per the building's measures) to reduce the risk of infection.


3. Regular cleaning of touchable lift surfaces

For lift owners, it is always good practice to keep surfaces cleaned regularly. We’d recommend boosting cleaning efforts so that buttons, handrails, elevator car walls, doors and other surfaces are disinfected regularly. You can find out more about lift cleaning on our blog.

Last updated: 2/8/2021

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