Stannah stairlift keeps stopping? 7 things to check

Want to know what to do when your Stannah stairlift won’t move? If your stairlift is not working, here’s what to try first…

  1. Toggle the master power switch to on - located on the back of the chair's base (420 & 600 models) or the front of the chair (260 models). The power light will be off when the switch is in the off position.
  2. Reinsert the power key - located on the side of the chair. The key must be fully pushed into the keyhole and switched on for the chair to work. Remove the key and reinsert it.
  3. Check the swivel seat - ensure your chair is swivelled back to the position that allows it to travel and try again.
  4. Check the swivel levers -  located on both sides of the chair; check they are fully pushed down.
  5. Ensure the safety edges are free from obstacles - safety edges stop your stairlift from moving if they meet obstacles, preventing anything from being trapped while the stairlift is used. Smaller objects can go unnoticed, so check for obstructions on the rail or stairs and remove anything you think may cause a blockage.
  6. Wipe your rail - If a stairlift stops before it has reached the top of the stairs, there may be an issue with the rail it runs along. We recommend regularly removing any dust or dirt from the rail using a damp cloth (and only if you feel safe doing so). You can find more on our Easy Guide to Stairlift Cleaning blog. 
    Also if you have one, check your hinged rail position (optional equipment) is in the position that allows your chair to travel.
  7. Think if there are signs for the requirement of a new battery - have you noticed:
    • Your stairlift is going slower than its usual pace, or gradually slowing in speed as the upward journey progresses?
    • Your stairlift is stopping after a short distance and then continuing?

    • The battery isn’t charging at its usual charging point?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then it's likely something related to your stairlift batteries. Stannah can take care of the replacement for you, offering peace of mind. 

The manual provided with your stairlift is the best reference for more guidance when your chair lift is not working. If you have misplaced your installation user manual, you can find online versions of our stairlift manuals here. And it’s always a good idea to ask someone else to be around to help you troubleshoot.

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Your local Stannah Service branch offers stairlift repairs and maintenance services to help keep your stairlift running smoothly, if the above hasn't helped or you have any other concerns simply get in touch with us.

With nearly 50,000 installations across the UK and over 92,000 units in our service portfolio, we offer a wide range of lift solutions and services to move people and goods. Take a look at our product range or simply get in touch.

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