A guide to escalator cleaning

This blog is a helpful guide on escalator cleaning - what to and when to clean, and how to do it.

Effective cleaning and disinfection on escalators and moving walkways is important as they are usually found in high-traffic areas. Bacteria and dirt can hide and be invisible. Shoes can transfer dirt onto the escalator steps, and hands can leave marks and grime on the handrails. It’s important to be mindful of the surfaces we touch, not only for our own personal safety but also for public health.

For every lift owner, building owner, shopping centre owner and facility manager, cleaning lifting equipment should be a regular escalator maintenance activity. Cleaning an escalator doesn’t have to be a challenge if there is a plan and the right equipment is used.

How often should an escalator be cleaned?

Unless the escalator has never been cleaned before and is extremely dirty, the typical frequency for cleaning escalators and travelators is once or twice a month. To help minimise the spread of bacteria and dirt, as an owner, we recommend wiping down the handrails regularly with a disinfected damp cloth or alcohol wipe.

How do I clean an escalator?

Often escalator and/or moving walkways owners purchase specialised escalator cleaning equipment (or use a specialist / industrial cleaning company) which uses a “dry” method for deep cleaning. Dry cleaning involves a machine positioned on the lift equipment whilst running. The movement of the escalator, in combination with the cleaning machine, helps to remove the ground-in dirt in the tread area that regular brushes miss.

There are specialist escalator cleaning services companies that can provide regular or one-off escalator step cleaning, and more, using their escalator cleaning machines to save purchasing equipment and undertaking deeper cleans in-house.

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