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Own a Lift? 3 Key Lift Regulations You Need to Know

The legal requirements surrounding the provision and use of passenger lifts and goods lifts provide a framework to ensure best practice. This blog gives an overview on the regulations you need to adhere to in a commercial property.

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Everything You Need to Know About Mezzanine Goods Lifts

What are mezzanine goods lifts? Why choose one? Also known as warehouse goods lifts or pallet lifts, mezzanine goods lifts serve mezzanine floors—intermediate levels that range between secondary floors of a building. 

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Cage lifts vs goods lifts - the choices & differences

You’d be forgiven for thinking all goods lifts are the same, but they’re not… Whilst both help material movement and reduce manual handling risks there are some key differences ...

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Lift inspections: Looking after your lift to save time, money & hassle

It pays to be a responsible lift owner—to ensure that your lifts and lifting equipment are maintained to the highest standards.  Why? Because keeping your lift fit for purpose—safe to use, operating well, looking good and living a long life—will protect your building, business, bank balance, brand and reputation.

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Why It Pays to Upgrade Your Lift

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Because lift replacements aren’t always the best solution... … particularly if your existing lift occupies a challenging location, design and/or configuration—something that would demand a costly and time-consuming replacement.

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10 Types of Lifting Equipment to Make Material Handling Easier

In this post, we explore the different material handling equipment employees can use to enable the free movement of goods around a building, from A to B, or G to 1,2,3,4 or more... 

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6 Questions to Help Decide Your Lift Maintenance Company

Not all maintenance providers are the same. So we’ve compiled 6 questions to ask when deciding between them. And why it pays to do your homework…

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Lift Maintenance Contracts: An introduction

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Lifts, as with all machinery, require regular servicing. As a lift owner if you have a lift that is used by an employee in a commercial setting, e.g. restaurant, library, office or warehouse you have a duty of care. As a national provider of lift servicing, we are regularly asked for advice about lift responsibility and what to consider.

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Lift Modernisation Benefits - Stannah

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An old lift doesn't always need replacing and, in fact, doing so may be extremely difficult due to its design or layout. Instead, you can have a lift modernised. Allow us to explain the benefit of lift modernisation...

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Everything You Need to Know About Stairlift Batteries

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Discover everything you need to know about stairlift batteries. How long do they last? What’s involved in a stairlift battery replacement? Find out here...

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