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6 Questions to Help Decide Your Lift Maintenance Company

Not all maintenance providers are the same. So we’ve compiled 6 questions to ask when deciding between them. And why it pays to do your homework…

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Lift Modernisation Benefits - Stannah

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An old lift doesn't always need replacing and, in fact, doing so may be extremely difficult due to its design or layout. Instead, you can have a lift modernised. Allow us to explain the benefit of lift modernisation...

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COVID-19: 3 Tips on Lift Use Whilst Social Distancing

Passenger and platform lifts are enclosed spaces where people mingle. They are also an essential mode of transport for people who struggle climbing stairs, especially in critical settings like hospitals. We've put together some useful tips for lift use whilst social distancing because of the spread of COVID-19.

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An Introduction to Sabbath Lifts

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We love the variety of lift requests (and the numerous configurations within each lift type), we get involved in at Stannah. Whilst the request for a Shabbat lift tends to be a few and far between, we’ve given an overview of them in this post.

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The Rising Trend of Lifts for Houses

We all love a little luxury in our house and the latest comforts and electronic gadgets to help us in our busy lives; so it’s no surprise that the trend for building high specification luxury homes sees developers and owners alike including the convenience of a lift. 

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COVID: Escalator Cleaning and Use

With the current focus on preventing transmission of COVID on surfaces, escalator cleaning and use is a hot topic. This blog is a helpful guide...

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COVID: Lift Cleaning - a Step by Step Guide

In light of recent news, lift cleaning is now a hot topic, this blog is a helpful guide...

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Part M: Building Regs & Lifts

The Building Regulations, Approved Document M (Part M) gives direction on lifts in all types of buildings, stating that reasonable provision must be made for people to gain access to and use the building's facilities. Whilst Part B gives guidance on fire-rating lifts or the area surrounding them as well as further detail on firefighting and evacuation passenger lifts. We've given a helpful outline to the building regulations guidance surrounding lifts below.

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A Handy List of Escalator & Moving Walkway Standards (updated 2019)

Unsure of what codes of practice, standards and regulations escalators and moving walkways fall under? Not to worry, here's a handy list...

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The Disability Discrimination Act, Equality Act & Lifts

/ posted in Moving People, Standards & Regulations

The DDA was introduced over 20 years ago and formed for the industry an invaluable set of standards, eventually becoming part of the Equality Act introduced in 2017. Stannah Engineering Director, Paul Clifton looks back at what it meant to those in the lift industry. 

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