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The Rising Trend of Lifts for Houses

We all love a little luxury in our house and the latest comforts and electronic gadgets to help us in our busy lives; so it’s no surprise that the trend for building high specification luxury homes sees developers and owners alike including the convenience of a lift. 

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Section 4.2 of the Technical Handbook & Lifts (Scotland)

This handy guide to Section 4.2 (Scottish Part M) explains what this regulation is and its various implications on lifts in building projects in Scotland. Read on to learn something new!

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Building regulations: key guidance for lifts

Here is a handy overview to the key acts, regulations and standards that outline best practice around lifts - ensuring that any commercial/public building is accessible and efficient when moving people.

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An Introduction to Sabbath Lifts

/ posted in Moving People, Passenger Lifts, Platform Lifts

We love the variety of lift requests (and the numerous configurations within each lift type), we get involved in at Stannah. Whilst the request for a Shabbat lift tends to be a few and far between, we’ve given an overview of them in this post.

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Lift Standards: A Glossary

If you either own or are thinking of installing a lift then there is a whole host of lift standards, regulations, codes of practice and guidance to advise on best practice. Knowing where to start and which regulations are relevant can be confusing, so we have listed some of the main ones. 

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