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COVID: Escalator Cleaning and Use

With the current focus on preventing transmission of COVID on surfaces, escalator cleaning and use is a hot topic. This blog is a helpful guide...

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BREEAM for Lifts, Escalators & Moving Walkways

BREEAM or 'Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method' is the best way to ensure sustainable value and efficiency in your projects. Stannah passenger lifts, escalators and moving walkways can generate BREEAM credits which can help the building achieve the best rating possible. 

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A Handy List of Escalator & Moving Walkway Standards (updated 2019)

Unsure of what codes of practice, standards and regulations escalators and moving walkways fall under? Not to worry, here's a handy list...

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The History of Moving Walkways

When it comes to hitching a ride, it doesn’t get easier than moving walkways.  Around for over 130 years, they have evolved from simple conveyor belts to sophisticated systems that move people along horizontal and inclined planes.

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External Lifts & the New BS8300-1 Design Guidance

In January 2018 BS8300:2009 was superseded by BS 8300-2, with the introduction of BS 8300-1 alongside it. Part 1offers the first comprehensive design guidance for new public spaces. In this helpful blog, we’ve outlined the new standard and where outdoor lifting appliances can play their part.

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The History of Escalators

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From idea to patent to prototype to full working system, escalators illustrate a common human quest: to make life easier. Read more about the history of the now common escalator...

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