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5 FAQs on the EN81-20 & EN81-50 Lift Standards  (2018 update)

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Post updated for 2018 - In September 2017, EN81-20 and EN81-50, two new safety standards for the construction of lifts and for the testing of lift components were introduced, bringing benefits in terms of safety and accessibility for both lift passengers and service engineers. We've covered the most frequently asked questions...

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Part M: Volume 2 & Passenger Lifts

Part M Volume 2, provides practical guidance for complying with building regulation requirements for buildings other than dwellings. This post is the third in the series of our Part M: Volume 2 building regulations blogs and covers passenger lift requirements within Part M in detail.

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An Overview of the General Lift Requirements Within Part M: Volume 2

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This post is the second in the series of our Part M: Volume 2 building regulations blogs and covers general lift requirements with Part M in greater detail.

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BS EN 81-80: Lift upgrades for existing lifts

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Like technology elsewhere, lifts and lift standards have developed over the years and new safety features have become the norm. In recognition of the fact that lift upgrades are required for improved safety, BS EN 81-80:2003 gives an audit framework for lift modernisation.

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Lift Standards: A Glossary

If you either own or are thinking of installing a lift then there is a whole host of lift standards, regulations, codes of practice and guidance to advise on best practice. Knowing where to start and which regulations are relevant can be confusing, so we have listed some of the main ones. 

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Machinery Directive or Lift Directive?

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When moving people or goods, your lift will fall into either the Machinery Directive, or the Lift Directive. Whilst all are "lifts" in the general term the Directives do help to identify the key differences and ultimately identify the standards they will then fall under.  

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Part M & Part B Building Regs & Lifts

The Building Regulations, Approved Document M (Part M) and Part B gives direction on lifts in all types of buildings, stating that reasonable provision must be made for people to gain access to and use the building's facilities. Whilst Part B gives guidance on fire-rating lifts or the area surrounding them as well as further detail on firefighting and evacuation passenger lifts. We've given a helpful outline to the building regulations guidance surrounding lifts below.

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BREEAM credits & requirements for lifts, escalators & moving walkways

BREEAM or 'Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method' is the best way to ensure sustainable value and efficiency in your projects. Stannah passenger lifts, escalators and moving walkways can generate BREEAM credits which can help the building achieve the best rating possible. 

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