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A Handy List of Escalator & Moving Walkway Standards (updated 2019)

Unsure of what codes of practice, standards and regulations escalators and moving walkways fall under? Not to worry, here's a handy list...

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Lifts for Waste Management & Bike Transportation

There is an increasing trend of lifts being used to aid underground storage of bikes/bins in commercial and residential projects. In this short blog post we outline the considerations for these type of applications and the most suitable lifts to choose from.

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Own a lift? 3 key lift regulations you need to know

The legal requirements surrounding the provision and use of passenger lifts and goods lifts provide a framework to ensure best practice. This blog gives an overview on the regulations you need to adhere to in a commercial property.

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Avoiding the costs of manual handling & risks with a lift

/ posted in Moving Goods, Standards & Regulations

Did you know?  Every year more than a third of all work-related illnesses reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or local authorities are due to manual handling – the transporting or supporting of loads by hand or bodily force.

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FAQ: Dumbwaiters & Service lifts

/ posted in Moving Goods, Microlift

In this blog post we'll clear up some of the most common questions we've heard about Microlift dumbwaiters and service lifts. Read on...

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A Useful Guide on LOLER, Thorough Examinations & Supplementary Tests

/ posted in Advice For Owners

In this helpful overview we've covered what is required of you as a lift owner by Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) and what thorough examinations and supplementary examinations are.

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The Rising Trend of Lifts for Houses

We all love a little luxury in our house and the latest comforts and electronic gadgets to help us in our busy lives; so it’s no surprise that the trend for building high specification luxury homes sees developers and owners alike including the convenience of a lift. 

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The Disability Discrimination Act, Equality Act & Lifts

/ posted in Moving People, Standards & Regulations

The DDA was introduced over 20 years ago and formed for the industry an invaluable set of standards, eventually becoming part of the Equality Act introduced in 2017. Stannah Engineering Director, Paul Clifton looks back at what it meant to those in the lift industry. 

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Section 4.2 of the Technical Handbook & Lifts (Scotland)

This handy guide to Section 4.2 (Scottish Part M) explains what this regulation is and its various implications on lifts in building projects in Scotland. Read on to learn something new!

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Passenger lift or platform lift - the differences...

/ posted in Moving People, Passenger Lifts

Whilst both lifts move people they are quite different! When deciding between the two it can be confusing. So we've put together a short blog to outline the differences between these lift types and the directives they conform to. 

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