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The History of Dumbwaiters

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However you write it, ‘dumb waiter’ or ‘dumbwaiter’, the origins of the term are puzzling. The name of this small service lift and the history of how it came into being are interesting topics.

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Specifying Lifts for Care Homes

/ posted in Moving People

A helpful guide on the process of specifying lifts for nursing homes and all the considerations that need to be taken into account when carrying out this process…

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Building regulations: key guidance for lifts

/ posted in Moving People, Standards & Regulations

Here is a handy overview to the key acts, regulations and standards that outline best practice around lifts - ensuring that any commercial/public building is accessible and efficient when moving people.

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The History of Moving Walkways

/ posted in Moving People, Moving Walkway

When it comes to hitching a ride, it doesn’t get easier than moving walkways.  Around for over 130 years, they have evolved from simple conveyor belts to sophisticated systems that move people along horizontal and inclined planes.

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External Lifts & the New BS8300-1 Design Guidance

In January 2018 BS8300:2009 was superseded by BS 8300-2, with the introduction of BS 8300-1 alongside it. Part 1offers the first comprehensive design guidance for new public spaces. In this helpful blog, we’ve outlined the new standard and where outdoor lifting appliances can play their part.

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The History of Escalators

/ posted in Moving People, Escalator

From idea to patent to prototype to full working system, escalators illustrate a common human quest: to make life easier. Read more about the history of the now common escalator...

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Advice on Existing Lifts in Multi-storey Housing

/ posted in Advice For Owners

A helpful guide on the existing lifts in multi-storey housing developments and flats, from the different types of lifts, including fire-fighting lifts, to refurbishing existing lifts in tower blocks, we discuss it all in this insightful blog!

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The Rising Trend of Lifts for Houses

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We all love a little luxury in our house and the latest comforts and electronic gadgets to help us in our busy lives; so it’s no surprise that the trend for building high specification luxury homes sees developers and owners alike including the convenience of a lift. 

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Specifying Lifts for Tower Blocks and Flats

/ posted in Moving Goods, Moving People

A helpful guide on specifying lifts for multi-storey housing developments, from fire fighting lifts to refurbishing existing lifts in a block of flats, the choices are endless, so read on to find out what the options and considerations are...

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Part M: Volume 2 & Wheelchair Platform Stairlifts

/ posted in Moving People, Standards & Regulations

This post is the fifth and final in the series of our Part M: Volume 2 building regulations blogs and covers the detailed requirements for wheelchair platform stairlifts.

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